Since its foundation in 1997 Euterpe wishes to ensure the promotion of chamber music while supporting promising young musicians and composers in the Kortrijk region of Belgium. To reach this goal and maintain Euterpe’s profile, we pay great attention to the following criteria in our seasonal programmes:

  1. Quality chamber music:

By this we mean well-known works as well as less known or completely unknown works from composers especially from the XVIIIth to the XXIst Centuries. We are open to all styles and genres, yet we nonetheless focus on modern and contemporary artistic production.

  1. A stage for Flemish composers:

Euterpe regularly dives into the repertory of Flemish composers, paying particular attention to the works of contemporary composers. As such, Euterpe offers a representative sample of what contemporary composers have produced and still are producing.
What’s more, Euterpe regularly programmes creations from Flemish composers, confronting those with the works of contemporary composers from all over the world.

  1. A stage for young musicians:

Remaining faithful to our high standards, Euterpe endeavours to offer young talented musicians (up to 30 years of age) and rising stars (30 to 40 years of age) the opportunity to introduce themselves to a wider audience.

  1. Musical programming:

Euterpe aims to program every concert in such a way that historical as well as more recent compositions are performed alongside each other.
For further information about Euterpe or to book tickets for a concert, please contact Christian Vereecke:
Leonard Vandorpestraat 12, 8500 Kortrijk
tel +32 (0)56 21 79 66
The board of Euterpe takes care that the programming is in line with Euterpe’s objectives and selection criteria.
The members of the board are: Christian Vereecke (artistic director), Rita Hocke-Boedts, Piet Dheedene, Bernadette Beauduin-de Bethune, Sarah Vandemoortele, Kristof Boucquet, Bart Flamée, Jo Libeer